domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010


Sometimes, The Pierrot comes around and show you how the saddest thing in the world can make you laugh. Not that it has come something to be happy with, but it's just a way to carry on.

There's always another wave to pull you from the shores of tranquility, to drag you to the deepest sea of the lost souls and push you back to some desert island of fear and loneliness.

There's no much you can do except flow through the sea, gazing at the stars during the night, scaping from the sun during the day. If you have something to read or a song to sing, it helps a lot! Time is strange and seems to change you too. Try to swim, let the water wash your body clean from the sweat. Your heart is still beating. But your mind don't think straight. Just feel the breeze. The time passing by...

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